Thursday, September 27, 2012

If you need a good laugh...

Please allow me to tell you about my day...

Audrey is teething like CRAZY. She is getting four teeth on top all at the same time and my sweet girl is MISERABLE.

Today is Evan's last day of work at Walmart and his boss wanted to take us all out to a farewell lunch... at 11:30.

We are moving in two days and our house still hasn't sold.

We got a call for a showing today from 1-2. I said yes.

SO... This morning, I had the job of getting myself and both kids looking good enough to be in a restaurant by 1130... all while caring for my poor miserable teething baby girl.... and getting the house in perfect condition for a showing while Seth did his best to make a mess. ha.

Let's just say that by the time we arrived at the restaurant, I was FRAZZLED.

Side note... we had to take Jack in the car with us because of the showing. But it wasn't a big deal because (I checked the weather) and the high today was only supposed to be 75 degrees, it was overcast and we were going to a quick restaurant. But we cracked all of the windows for him, just in case.

We had an enjoyable, fast lunch and headed back out to our car. As I was unlocking the car... with a baby, purse, diaper bag and highchair cover in my hands... a lady drove by slowly and informed Evan and me that we shouldn't be leaving our dog in the car and that she called the police and animal control on us.

Oh, lady, you are  SUCH a hero. You called animal control on the dog who only goes outside for five minutes at a time (or less) to use the bathroom, sleeps in a bed every night of his life, has professional photographs on the wall in his house, has a giant basket full of toys that he never plays with because he's too busy being held by someone in his family and who has a monogrammed Christmas stocking. ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Can a mom get a break??

Anyway, animal control showed up before we left the parking lot... but we outran them and I got to keep my dog. haha... but seriously? Did she think he would be better off at the pound? Would they have busted him out of my car if I had been in the restaurant for 5 minutes longer?? Is this real life??

So after all this, we dropped Evan back off at work and I just started driving around because we couldn't go home yet because of the showing.... after about 15 minutes of driving in circles... our real estate company calls to tell me that the showing has been cancelled and rescheduled for tomorrow. Perfect. Now we almost had our dog taken away from us for no reason and we have 24 hours to make a mess in our house and start all over cleaning it. As you can imagine... I have an AWESOME attitude at this point.

So, we go home and Jack needs to go to the bathroom so I let him out in the backyard. Then Audrey starts crying again and I get distracted...

Side note... Over the year that we have lived in our house, Jack has scratched up the backdoor and destroyed the weather stripping on it because he doesn't like to stay in the backyard very long and between his first bark or scratch notifying us that he wants to come back inside and us actually getting to the door to let him back in, he scratches like crazy. So, this past weekend, we replaced the weather stripping and repainted the door.

Anyway, I got distracted and I wasn't listening for Jack to come back to the door so he scratched up the door and destroyed the weather stripping again. Awesome.

THEN... best of all... I smelled poop. I was holding Audrey and it wasn't her, so I yelled for Seth to meet me in his room for a diaper change. As I walked from the kitchen to his room, I noticed that there were splashes of water all over the floor. As I started to change Seth's diaper, I noticed that his face, mouth, shirt and shoes were all wet. I asked him if he was spitting and he said "No, it's water!" Then he held up an empty gum container that was all wet and still had some water in the bottom of it. I asked him where he got the water and he just laughed. I blew it off and changed his diaper. After putting the diaper in the diaper genie, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. The floor was all wet and the toilet seat was soaked. I was starting to put things together when Seth walked into the bathroom with his empty gum container, walked over to the toilet and went in for a second dip. OMG. my child (who has NEVER played with the toilet in any way) had been dipping water out of the toilet and splashing it all over the house and I'm 99.9% sure (because of the wetness around his mouth) that he drank some.

It wasn't until after the call to my dad (a pharmacist) to make sure that Seth wasn't going to die, a bath and a thorough teeth brushing... that I started to laugh about all the things that have happened today. Haha Is it 530 yet???? I am SO ready for Evan to be home!! :)


Dianna said...

This post made me laugh and gag all at the same time!

I am glad you got to keep Jack too!

Brooke said...

I love that my life isn't the only crazy one! This made me laugh...hard!

Heather said...

I normally keep close eye on your blog posts, so I'm not sure why I missed this one! I laughed SO hard during this post! Thanks for sharing it :) Hopefully hopefully Seth has steered clear of the toilet water! And you haven't had any more wild days like this one!

Not So Newlyweds said...

I am a new follower and just wanted to say hello! I found your blog through Julee's blog and remember reading a lot about your journey with Seth from her. I think it's so wonderful that you have gone through the adoption process twice. My husband and I hope and pray we are able to adopt as well one day. My sister is adopted and I think it is such a wonderful thing!

Brooke said...

I just wanted to stop by and let you know i nominated you for a blog award on my blog. Hope you can participate!