Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Weekend

We had a busy but wonderful Easter weekend!

On Saturday morning, I helped my mom, sister and two of my sister's friends with a wedding shower for one my sister's best friends, Amy.

Anna and Amy, the bride-to-be!

After the shower, we went to the lake with Evan's family and then hung out at his parents' house on Saturday night! We dressed Seth and Preslee in matching outfits and tried to take their picture... but they weren't feeling super cooperative so this is the best we got :)

Seth hunted Easter eggs at the lake and he loved it! Every time he found an egg, he would open it to check out the prize and then put the opened egg and the prize in his basket! haha

I love this picture of Evan and Seth! They were throwing rocks into the lake.

When we got to Evan's parents' house, there were Easter baskets waiting on Seth and Preslee with lots of fun goodies in them... including sunglasses! haha This picture cracks me up!

On Sunday morning, We gave Seth (and Jack) their Easter baskets from us before we went to church.

And my parents also gave all of us Easter baskets before church :)

After church, we went to my grandparents' house for lunch and a birthday celebration for my grandpa! And did I mention that we are the proud new parents of a 6 week old Dutch rabbit? haha My sister surprised Seth (and us) with a precious little bunny on Friday night! Everyone keeps asking if we're mad at her and my response is, "Not at all, I just can't wait for her to have kids now!" :) But in all honesty, he's such a sweet little bunny and all of us (even Jack) are getting pretty attached to him!

Our new bunny's name is Gus... (you may or may not remember that our Elf on the Shelf's name was Gus)... so on Friday night when we first met our rabbit, I asked Seth what we should name him and his first suggestion was "Jack" but when I reminded him that name was already taken, he suggested "Gus"! haha

My Mammaw and Pappaw (the birthday boy! :))

My sister has a relatively new boyfriend and my brother has a relatively new girlfriend so on Sunday night we had our first family dinner with both of the new additions! After dinner, we all dyed Easter eggs together!

Hope you all have a great weekend! :)