Thursday, March 15, 2012

Becoming A Mommy

No matter how long I live or what joys my future holds, March 15, 2011, will ALWAYS be one of the very best and most emotional days of my life. One year ago today, all my dreams came true as I became the mommy of Seth Clayton Bell.

For as long as I could remember (at least since I was 7 years old) I had dreamed of becoming a mommy through adoption; for (almost) the entire time that Evan and I had been a couple we had dreamed about adopting together; and for about 7 months, we had been dreaming specifically about adopting a certain little boy with sparkly brown eyes.

March 15, 2011, was an overwhelming day to me because so many of my dreams were coming true and my prayers were being answered... I will never ever be able to explain the joy that I felt on that day.

I realize that I have told our story a million different times, in a million different ways, on this blog... but y'all, I can't get over it. I am SO beyond thankful that God chose to create our family through adoption. It gives me chills to think about all the ways and all the times that God was preparing my heart to become a mother in such a special (and out of the norm) way.... even when I was a little bitty girl.

Thank you LORD for the blessing of adoption and the precious, priceless gift of Seth. Thank you for choosing me to be his mommy and for opening my eyes to the indescribable blessing that you had waiting for me.

Seth, you are treasured and loved more than you will ever know.


Immeasurably More Mama said...

Oh, Happy Day! Keep on sharing your story...I love to hear it. :)

Mary Virginia said...

Amazing! Such an incredible story!

Holly Nicholson said...

I remember this day AND when those pictures were taken! :) Such a precious family!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Love this and your heart. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Williams said...

No matter how many times you tell your story, I love to hear about it. Thanks for sharing!!

bumblemm said...

new reader, but have read through your entire story about adopting seth--brought tears to my eyes to see this post. you have a beautiful family!