Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pictures With Santa

On Friday night, we got Seth all dressed up and we headed to the mall to see Santa.

I was a little nervous because he has never done very well with characters...

And just as I suspected... as soon as Seth saw Santa, he burst into tears and clung to me for dear life!!! So, Santa (who was an exceptionally kind and understanding Santa) suggested that we take a family picture instead! haha Not exactly what I was hoping for... but it's a funny memory and since Seth is big enough to get down and leave now, I'm pretty sure it was the only way we were getting a picture at all!

I'm wondering when kids transition from being terrified of Santa to thinking he's magical and wonderful? haha I guess we'll keep trying until we get there! :)


Jennifer said...

This might be the greatest Santa picture I have seen! Love it!!!

Brittney said...

My cousin Gavin was afraid of anyone in costume until he hit about 9 years old. I'm talking, he wouldn't go to a Naturals game because he saw the dressed up hillbilly man on TV. HATED Chuck E. Cheese. Hated all football games because of mascots. Whenever we were anywhere with people in costume, we had to literally pin a printed sign to him saying "I don't like people in costumes, please keep your distance"

Giving him the sign made him a bit more calm because he felt like he could point to his sign if they got too close. He finally turned 9 and became a bit more calm with them.

Hope your little guy isn't as traumatized as my cousin!