Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Today is Jack's 3rd birthday!!

Last year, (since we were in the adoption process and I was hoping it would be Jack's last year as an "only child") I went all out on a Birthday Paw-ty for him... this year, he's getting a blog tribute and maybe a trip to Petco! :)

3 years ago, Evan was in law school, I was a pharmaceutical sales rep for Pfizer and we were on the hunt for male Westie puppy. I still remember sitting in the parking lot of a doctor's office in Helena, AR, (on my lunch break) and finding an ad for Westie puppies in the newspaper. I called Evan, who called the breeder and we bought our puppy over the phone. We were SO excited!! However, a few days later, the breeder called to tell us that she was mistaken about how many boy puppies she had and we could either a) have a girl for the price of a boy or b) wait and see if the litter she was expecting from a different momma dog had a male puppy in it. We really wanted a male, so we decided to wait! Sure enough, Jack was born about two weeks later and he was the ONLY boy in his litter! :) Three days after he was born, we drove 3 hours to meet him even though we couldn't take him home yet! haha We were crazy... But he was precious!! :)

We finally got to bring him home on December 19, 2008... he was our Christmas present to each other! :)

We are pretty much obsessed with our little Jack Man. He brings so much joy to our lives!

When we first started trying to adopt Seth, I was SO nervous that Jack wouldn't be good with him.... because Jack had never really been great with kids. He was really sweet to adults and other dogs but kids kind of freaked him out! But he has always been SO sweet with Seth and they have become the best of friends. Every single morning when Seth wakes up and Jack hears him on the monitor, Jack runs to find me and either licks me or jumps up on my leg until we go into Seth's room to get him out of his crib! Sometimes, I even find Jack laying outside of Seth's room when Seth is asleep... which melts my heart! :)

Happy Birthday, sweet Jack!! We love you so much!! :)


DSS said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK! Isn't it crazy how fast they grow up :) Time just flies.

I think I told you earlier that the pic of Jack & Seth at the window melts MY heart!

The pic of Jack in the snow could be my little Louis! Westies and the funny :)

Anita Bell said...

Happy Birthday, Jackman! Meemaw loves you! I will bring you a present when I come in a few weeks!

Maryellen said...

Happy Birthday Jack . . . I sure enjoyed looking at your photos. Made me have many tears of rememberance of my precious Solomon . . . Westie's are the best !

Savannah said...

Happy Birthday Jack! I did a similar post about our puppy this week. Dogs are so fun and totally add to a family. Glad that he has welcomed Seth into your lives. What a special relationship they share!

Dianna said...

Such a sweet post! Happy Birthday, Jack!