Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Ouachita Experience

Today is Ouachita Baptist University's Founders' Day. In honor of this day, OBU alumni have been asked to blog about their Ouachita experience. As a proud graduate of this awesome school, I could not be more excited about blogging my Ouachita experience! I have decided to make a list of my top ten favorite things about OBU. Here we go (in random order, except the first one):

1. Evan
Well, I HAVE to say that my very favorite thing about OBU is that it gave me a husband! ;) Evan and I met in a freshman English class during our first semester of college and started dating in the middle of our junior year and we got engaged about 2 weeks before we graduated! SOOO, needless to say, we would both be VERY glad that we chose OBU even if we had nothing else good to say about it! haha But that's not the case...

2. The Size
OBU is a small school in a small town. I know that this keeps a lot of people from considering OBU in their college decision, but in my opinion, that is a mistake. Even though Ouachita is small, it has A LOT going on which means that there are more opportunities for you as a student. I feel like I got to experience several things at OBU that I would have never had the chance to do at a larger school. I also like to tell people that the small town aspect was wonderful too because it causes Ouachita students to explore their creativity! haha I mean, I personally thought it was awesome that instead of sitting in a movie theater, we had to do things like wear costumes and play hockey in the dorm halls... Aren't my friends pretty? haha :)

3. The People
I think the people at Ouachita are one of it's greatest assets! When I was a student at OBU (and now as an alumni) I felt like everyone on that campus wanted me to succeed. And I felt like they would do anything to help me! I still feel that way- there's just nothing like the way they make you feel at Ouachita.

4. The Atmosphere
I've kind of touched on this before but the atmosphere at OBU is encouraging and FUN. I didn't know you could cram so much fun into four short years... which is attributed to the many other things on the list that make OBU great! :)

5. The Friends
Second to Evan, this is my favorite thing about OBU!!! I made some of the BEST friends that I will ever have in my life! We did some of the craziest things that I have EVER done (the creativity that I spoke of earlier) and made some hilarious and wonderful memories! I don't know what I would do without these girls...
6. Tiger Tunes
Tiger Tunes... oh how I love you! I will probably go back to OBU for Tiger Tunes when I am 100 years old... I'll be begging my nursing home to let me borrow their van! haha I may or may not have decided that I was DEFINITELY going to OBU on the night that I saw my first Tiger Tunes... I just don't have words to describe the love in my heart for this event!
7. The Social Clubs
Social Clubs are the same thing as sororities and fraternities... but they are unique to OBU... and they are wonderful! haha I was a member of the EEE Women's Social Club and I loved every minute of it.
My pledge class on graduation day!
I was the president of the E's when my sister pledged, so I got to swear her in... SO FUN!

8. The Tradition
One of the coolest things about OBU is that when you meet someone that went there... even if it was way before you or way after you... they have the same stories and the same experiences because of the importance of tradition at OBU. So fun to experience.

9. The Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Because I LOVE food and because this is a recipe blog after all... here's a funny little story! So, when I went to Ouachita, I LOVED the oatmeal raisin cookies in the cafeteria. I ate entirely too many of them and I still think about them often... they really were fabulous. So, when I found out about this OBU blog day, I decided that I wanted to post an OBU recipe. I contacted someone at Ouachita and asked for the recipe. She called the chef in the cafeteria who laughed and said, "I hate to dash any illusions"... but it's just Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough! haha I was so surprised! And disappointed!! But, in true OBU fashion, the first lady that I contacted searched until she found a copycat recipe of Otis Spunkmeyer oatmeal raisin cookies to send to me! How sweet! I made the recipe that she sent me and although I still prefer OBU's cookies, these were really good and even better the second day! Here's a link to the recipe that she sent me:

10. The Memories
Finally, I love the memories that I have taken from OBU. I would absolutely go back tomorrow, but since I can't, I LOVE to reminisce about all of the great times that I had while I was there. I would recommend this school to ANYONE. Ouachita is an unforgettable place full of unforgettable people. There's just nothing quite like it.


Carpool Queen said...

The hockey pictures are priceless. I have a few of my own, though I went to OBU back in the Stone Age before digital cameras. said...

You are so right. No matter when you went to Ouachita, you can always find memories in common with your fellow Tigers!

Every single one of these Blogabout posts is making me remember an OBU memory that I hadn't thought about in years.

This was such a fun idea!

Lindsey said...

I just cried. Good tears...those were these best days of my life. And you got me. :) Love you friend.