Monday, August 10, 2009

Chicken Squares and Insalata Caprese

First of all, I would like to apologize for slacking on the blog. I guess I have just been preoccupied with trying to find a job! I know that is no excuse for abandoning all three of my readers and I am happy to say that I am back in business because I was inspired by the movie Julie and Julia! My original plan was to play catch up and blog on everything that I have cooked since I quit blogging but since that is WAY too overwhelming and it probably wouldn't have ever happened, I'm starting fresh... from tonight! Let's try this again...
Tonight, I made a very quick and easy dinner but it was still great! We had Chicken Squares- which is basically a (semi) homemade "Hot Pocket" and a cheaters version of Insalata Caprese. The recipe for Chicken Squares has been around my house for as long as I can remember. So long, in fact, that I don't remember where it came from and I don't even have it written down. The recipe for Insalata Caprese came out of my head (which you'll realize isn't that impressive once you see how simple it is) because I wanted a quicker and cheaper version of this traditional Italian salad. So, here are two simple recipes for those nights when you just don't feel like cooking but you still feel like eating! :)

Chicken Squares


2 cups of canned chicken
3 ounces of cream cheese
1 tablespoon of chopped chives or green onions
2 tablespoons of milk
Cavender's Greek Seasoning (to taste)
2 cans of crescent rolls
1/2 cup of Italian bread crumbs


Drain the canned chicken. Mix the first five ingredients together to make the filling. Roll out the can of crescent rolls. There should be eight triangles that make four rectangles in one can. Separate the dough into the four rectangles (two triangles make 1 rectangle) and smooth the perforations together. Next, take a spoonful of the filling and place it on one end of the rectangle and fold the other half of the rectangle over to close the pocket and make a square. Then take the square and sprinkle it with Italian bread crumbs on both sides. Continue this process until you have 8 chicken squares. Finally, place each square on a greased baking sheet or stone and bake it at 350 degrees until the outside of the squares are golden brown.

Side note: It is very easy to make these low fat. Simply use low fat crescent rolls, low fat cream cheese and skim milk. However, I wouldn't use fat free on the first two ingredients because the fat free crescent rolls don't stick together as well and the fat free cream cheese makes the filling watery.

Insalata Caprese


Tomatoes (whatever kind you have)
Fresh whole milk mozzarella cheese
Fresh or Dried Basil
Italian Dressing


Slice the tomatoes. Slice the cheese. Arrange on a plate alternating tomatoes with cheese (and basil if you are using fresh leaves). Sprinkle with Basil if you are using dried. Drizzle with Italian dressing. Enjoy!